Meet the speech diva. your new secret weapon.

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Many years ago, I was cast in a prestigious production of a new musical. There were lots of talented and creative people involved in bringing this beautiful piece of theatre to fruition. I was honored to work with such illustrious theater artists. I worked hard, and was proud of my efforts. After the curtain came down on opening night, a director whom I deeply admired and wished to impress with the hope that he would someday cast me, came to me and said, “D’Arcy, you were wonderful. If only I could have heard you.” 




THERE was a punch in the gut. But Jed’s comment was a wake-up call. And it led me to do the work that I do. Now I help people speak their truth. With confidence. Clarity. Strength. Passion. Brio. 


If you’re feeling tongue-tied, tune in for a tune-up (link to the zoo whoa shaw vid). Visit my home studio (pic here sitting at my window) for a brush-up. Or join the hundreds of professional public speakers who train like athletes at Heroic Public Speaking (link), where I am part of the team that coach people to speak at the highest level.


Connect with me, so I can help you connect with your audience.


“You, have reached. 267. 222. 8732. the person. you. are trying to reach. is un. available. Please. leave. a message.”


Is that your voice messaging recording? Because you can’t stand to listen to the sound of your own voice. Am I right?


Are you afraid to open your mouth and speak your truth? Express your feelings? Got a big presentation and you’re afraid you won’t get the words out fully, clearly articulately? Have you got a pesky regional accent that makes it tough to articulate with clarity?


I GET IT. And that’s why I do what I do. 

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